Baby Cots & Cribs – Know Everything About It

  • What do you mean by baby cots?

Baby cot is the other name of infant bed which is especially small in stature and comes with other popular names like crib or cradle. Also, they are suitable for accommodating not only babies but also but also such children who’ve reached up to the age that they are capable of standing. The baby cots in Australia are very famous. The cage-like design of baby cots is so effective that it can restrict the child to the bed. Finally, your kid remains the same.

  • What is the preferred standard size of a baby cot and mattress?

The standard size of a baby cot is around 23” x 47”. However, there are various other dimensions of baby cots as per the size of it. For example, cot bed measures around 27’’ X 55’’, single has the measurement of 3’ x 6’ 3’’, double is having the range of 4’ 6’’ x 6’ 3’’ and the king size comes with the measurement of 5’ x 6’ 6’’.

All the standard crib/cot mattresses come in a variety of sizes. It all depends on the dimensions of the baby cot sets. The size of all kinds of standard crib mattresses is regulated and standardized by the Federal Government easily. The minimum size of a cot mattress for baby cribs ranges from the minimum measurement of 27 1/4’’ x 51 5/8’’ to the maximum thickness of 6 inches.

  • Is there any difference between a cot and a crib?

A crib or Moses basket seems to be perfect for a newborn rather than a cot. Although there are many such parents out there who prefer a cot from the very beginning. Most of the features of a baby cot and crib are same. If you just take a glance over the cheap baby cots for sale and cribs, you will be able to notice the similarity. However, the one and the only difference lie in the longevity factor.

  • Can a newborn be placed in the cot?

Of course, he/she can be obviously placed in the cot. In fact, it is one of the safest places for a newborn baby to sleep. However, if you are a mum who is worried about breastfeeding, you can place your baby along with you in the bed. In that case, you must ensure that the mattress in your bed is firm and the bedding that you are using is extremely light and minimal.

  • What is the right technique to put a baby in the cot?

Sudden Infant Death Syndrome is a very dangerous risk for all the newborns. It is very much connected to the environment in which your baby is there. So, while you put your newborn in the cot, you must avoid any overheating around. The temperature of the room should be adjusted between 16 degrees C and 20 degrees C.

Also, you must make sure that the baby cot is not placed near the radiator, heater, or any indirect sunlight. Further, you should never put an electric blanket or hot water bottle near the baby’s cot. The baby bedding in the cot should be made of either cotton or wool. In doing so, there will be a very less risk of overheating. It is also recommended to not allow your baby to go to sleep in the cot while his/her head being covered.

get your baby sleep in the cot

  • How to get your baby sleep in the cot?

Just buying a good quality cot or crib for your baby is not enough. You need to know the real art of letting your darling fall asleep on that. There are three amazing and proven ways through which you can help your baby sleep calmly in the cot. First of all, you can let the baby doze off in your arms first. Next, put him/her to get a nap in the carrier. Finally, you need to keep in mind that the swinging movement of the cot is on so that your kid is able to sleep well.

  • At what age should babies go from cot to bed?

There’s no particular decided time when you should transfer your baby from the baby crib to the regular bed. Although it is advised that a child should be made the switch around the age of 1/2 to 31/2. In fact, it will be always good if your child is sleeping in the cot until he/she is close to 3. It’s because, at a very tender age, most of the little ones don’t remain ready to make any transition.

  • Is Moses basket safe for a baby to sleep in?

Of course, they are. The new parents often think that sudden death syndrome (SIDS) and sleep safety can be a couple of major risks for their baby. However, there are great alternatives to opt for in order to fight back such a danger. You can very genuinely opt for Moses blanket. It is one of the best options for you. Just ensure that your baby is sleeping on his/her back in the cot or Moses basket. It is not required to put a pillow in the cot.

  • Which baby crib mattress types are best?

There are several types of baby crib mattresses which are worth opting for when it comes to using a premium quality one in your baby cot or crib. The best mattresses even within the baby furniture packages. Some of the most amazing cot mattresses that you can use in your baby’s cot are Nook Pebble Crib Mattress, Moonlight Slumber Little Dreamer Crib Mattress, Colgate Nuzzle Snuze Crib Mattress, and some more are a few of the most spectacular ones.

  • Do you need to put blankets on a baby in the cot?

You must wait to do this until your baby is at least 12 months old. The expert pediatricians always recommend that if there is even some soft bedding in the cot like blankets or pillows, it might suffocate the newborn. So, if your little one is still not a year old, you can go for sleepers, sleep sacks, and wearable blankets in the replacement of blankets for him/her in the cot.

  • What are the best materials to make a baby cot sheet?

You can opt for cotton as one of the best options to make baby cot/crib sheets. Also, flannelette can make really good cover sheets. If you want some designs to be made in the sheets to make them look cute and funky, you can go for small stars, thread work, fabrics etc. Don’t worry about any hardness due to the use of fabrics. If there is any such roughness, it will be omitted within just a few washes.

Pros & Cons Of Baby Cots Australia

Pros and cons of baby cots

Baby cribs have become very something very common in the lives of babies. Parents are always opting for a baby cot for their babies so that they can give their little one all the comfort. Also, there are many varieties of baby cots available in Australia’s various online stores which you can buy for your darling at an affordable price.

Of course, there are many benefits of baby cribs for little ones but there are certain demerits too. It all depends on what you consider as the priority for your darling before deciding on buying a baby cot. The comprehensive details of all the pros and cons of baby cots are mentioned below:


  • Pros

  • Swinging motion of some cots can help to calm many babies.
  • As most of the cots/cribs are bigger in size when compared to the Moses basket, your baby will have more space and feel cozy.
  • For the larger babies, a cot is the best place to sleep as they get enough space to move.
  • The dimensions of baby cots or cribs are convenient enough to keep them besides the parent’s bed.
  • Cons

  • The cribs are not at all transportable by nature.
  • As swinging can roll the baby backward and forwards, it might be sometimes a little bit uncomfortable for little ones.
  • Buying a cot can add up to the cost of taking care of your baby.
  • How to install your baby’s cot/crib?

Although there is a variety of cots or cribs available in the market, the guidelines for assembling all of them are almost the same. The basic steps of installing any baby cot or crib are mentioned below:

  • Bring the constituting pieces in the baby’s room

It is always recommended to assemble a cot or crib in your baby’s room. It will let the work to become pretty convenient for you because you don’t have to move the crib once you are done with assembling it. As they will be huge and awkward to move around, it will be difficult to get it through the door of your baby’s room.

  • Remove all the packeting of the crib

Your crib will be of course in a new box but it will be having several pieces. So, you need to assemble all of them before placing it in your baby’s room. Hence, it is the time to do that now. In case, if you think that your crib needs tools, you can make use of Philips screwdriver, hammer, ratchet etc. Just make sure that you are reading the instructions carefully to ensure that you are choosing the right tools for installation.

  • Confirm that you’ve all the pieces listed in the package

This is one of the crucial steps to consider during the installation of a baby crib. Most of the cots from various brands will include headboard, footboard, rails, mattress support, mattress etc. Also, there can be a couple of long thin side boards as support between the headboard and footboard. You must make sure that all of them are present.

  • Look for the quality of the parts of your crib

You need to ensure that all the pieces included in the package are not at all damaged. They should be of premium quality. If you find any damage like splintering, peeling paint, dampness etc., all such parts should not be used and replaced with the good quality ones from the store.

  • Lay the headboard flat

Let the headboard be there on the ground with its sides facing in the inward direction of the crib. You will be able to check out for the holes for the brackets or dowels which will be available on the inward side.

  • Get the latch attached to the inside of the headboard

There is a possibility that you might already have the latch brackets attached to the crib that you’ve bought. In that case, you can simply insert the side board’s hardware into the headboard and footboard. At this stage, you can screw these pieces together if there is a chance for you to do that.

  • Fix the stationary rail and the headboard as well as footboard together

For this fixing, you might need to screw the rail in place. Using a screwdriver, you can just screw the pieces together. The fixing should be tough enough to ensure that the rail doesn’t shake at all. In case, the baby cot that you’ve bought for sale is not having dowels and they are only attached by screws then you can use a screwdriver to attach to the rail.

  • Attach the mattress support

The mattress support can either be a board or panel or spring in the frame. As this is the thing upon which the mattress will be resting, it should be secured. You’ve to slide it up to the desired height and fix it along with the headboard and footboard using a couple of screws, nuts, or bolts on either side.

  • Join the drop rail with the front of the crib

 Attach the drop rail onto the latch bracket which is present on the headboard. You will find that both the sides of the drop rail are consist of one metal rod respectively. You’ve to just insert the metal rods into the holes of headboard and footboard and attach them using the screws.

  • Double check the stability of the baby cot

You need to now shake the crib. Just make sure that there is no wobble when you are trying to shake it. Just ensure that the drop-side (s) are very firmly attached and not at all lose by any means. You should be able to side that up and down very easily. If everything seems to be good, it will ensure the safety of your baby.

  • Place the mattress inside the crib

The mattress should not go with any hardware. All that you need to do is just lower it into the base of the crib and let it be there. Make sure that there is exactly a space of two fingers between the crib side and mattress. It will give you a satisfaction that your baby is safe while moving or rolling around.

  • Fix the wheels, if any

You can fix four wheels at the bottom of the cot if you want. It will let the movement for your baby in the cot be more swift. You need to insert the wheels into the holes located on the four posts of the crib. All that you’ve to take care of is that they are working properly both in the movement and when being locked.

  • What are the different types of baby cots available in the market?

There is a wide variety of baby cots available online. Hence, you’ve many options to look for.  Some of the most remarkable ones are convertible cots or cribs, round cots, canopy cots, sleigh cots, drop-side cots, bedside cot, regular cot and many more.

Things to Consider While Buying a Baby Cots

Things to Consider While Buying a Baby Cot

While you’re planning to buy a baby cot for your little one, you need to remember certain particular factors. Some of the most significant ones are mentioned below:

  • Safety and Australian rules

Just like how cautious you should be while buying your own bed, you need to be the same at the time of buying your baby’s cot. One of the most important aspect to take care of is that whether the cot is meeting the relevant Australian standards or not.

All the cots which are sold in Australia have to pass through AS/NZS 2172:2003. However, if you intend to buy a baby cot online from any overseas shop, it is just to ensure that the cot is passing all the requirements. You should never allow your baby to sleep in such a cot which is not meeting all the essential requirements. Otherwise, it will be nothing but putting your little one at risk.

  • Quality of cot mattress

The cot that you will be purchasing should have an appropriate fitting with the mattress. If the cot that you are planning to buy has not come with the mattress, you need to purchase one immediately. The features of a cot mattress in Australia should pass through AS/NZS 8811.1:2013 to ensure that it specifies the minimum firmness of a baby cot mattress.

  • Consider drop sides and fix sides

A drop side cot can let you allow lower one or both sides of the cot which makes it easy for you to pick up and place your baby. On the other hand, fix sides mean that the sides of the cot are joined with the frame and they can’t be lowered at all.

Hence, if you are planning to buy a drop sided cot, you must check the mechanism thoroughly before making a purchase. You must check whether you are able to ‘lock’ a drop side cot in both in upper and lower positions.

  • Look for the overall quality

Since your little one is going to spend most of his/her childhood in the cot itself, you must assure that it is of premium quality. Make sure that you are asking some questions to yourself that whether the joints are secured, the finish is smooth or not, whether the cot is having a warranty or not, and so on.

  • Is a baby cot really necessary for your little one?

There are many available baby cots online. In fact, many brands are manufacturing new varieties as per their technologies. Hence, it is sure that baby cots are something really important for your kid.

However, this question really makes sense when it comes to new parents. Not all of them are used to this reality. So, they might wonder why they should get a baby cot. Well, it should be known that baby cot is really important. It’s because many of the newborns prefer to always sleep in the U-form. You should certainly help them in a cot for three to six months while establishing a good sleeping pattern for them without a U.

  • How to move a baby from cot to bed?

To move your kid from cot to bed is definitely a very big change for them. In that case, it is very important to consider your child’s safety. There is a specific time when you should consider bringing your child from cot to bed.

What are the signs to look for?

When the crib mattress is at the lowest setting and the top rail’s height is less than three-quarters of the height of the child.

  • They are more than 35 inches in height.
  • Your kids can pull themselves up and over the crib rail.
  • He/she is able to put his/her leg on or over the top rail.
  • What are the bed safety measures to take?
  • Add guardrails to the bed so that your kid doesn’t fall off.
  • There should be no pillow for your kid before two years of age.
  • Don’t let the bed be under the window.
  • Let there be no upper bunk bed for your kid until he/she is at least 6.
  • What is the right time for a baby to be in the cot?

You can let your child sleep in cot anytime starting from the birth of your child up to the age when he/she hasn’t started pushing up onto their hands and knees and sits unaided.

  • What are the best alternatives for cot/crib in the market?

If you feel a cot is not something perfect for your darling, there are several other options to look for. Fortunately, you have got a variety of many other equally comfortable things on the market which will serve the purpose of a cot. Some of the most popular ones are floor bed, In-Bed Co-Sleeper, Moses basket, cradle, travel crib, Pack ‘N’ Play, Bed-Side Co-Sleeper, Bassinet, and so on.


  • What safety measures to take while using a baby cot for your little one?

Though it is very easy to buy a baby cot and place your baby in it while expecting that it will let your child sleep in a better way. However, the story doesn’t end here. You need to take care of some of the important precautionary measures while letting your child be in the cot.

safety measures to take while using a baby cot

  • What are they?
  • Get rid of bulky blankets and pillows.
  • Reuse up to a certain point.
  • Make sure to buy a certified cot.
  • The mattress height should be proper.
  • Follow the given directions properly.
  • Be assured about a two-finger gap between the mattress and the cot.
  • Don’t include any extras.
  • Install your cot in the open space.
  • Recheck everything again and again before use.

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