Best Baby Prams, Baby Strollers to Buy in 2019

There are about 100 baby strollers brands offering a wide range of strollers with unique features! So, choosing the right one for your baby could be a huge challenge. As a parent, you would like a stroller that fits in your budget and gets all the features, safety, and comfort that your baby needs!

Here is the list of best strollers to buy for your newborns which you should consider before buying! These are some of the most popular strollers which comes with various features and are really affordable. Do check out this article before buying a new baby strollers for your babies.

Double Baby Stroller Best Baby Jogger City Tour LUX
Reviewed by Lyla Morris

Baby Jogger City Baby Stroller

Best Baby Jogger City Tour LUX

The Baby Jogger City Tour LUX is the upgraded version of City Tour which was released last year. It is the smallest folding, fully featured modular strollers. It comes with 5 riding options. It is the best choice for parents who are looking for a lightweight stroller for day-to-day use. The LUX comes with a reversible seat and reclines to near-flat position to accommodate infants up to 3 months.

The LUX weighs only 8.6 kg and is ultra compact which can be folded with one hand using auto-lock feature. The LUX is now compatible with car seat means you can remove the main seat and attach it with proper adapters. If that’s not enough then the baby jogger city tour also comes with a capacious basket underneath the seat which can be easily accessible and an adjustable leg rest with shock-absorbing wheels that maneuver smoothly on any surfaces!

Reasons you will love this baby Pram:

  • You will love best baby jogger city tour LUX 2019 as it is small, lightweight, and compact which fits any spaces easily and folds with one hand!
  • The baby jogger city tour is designed for the busy parents who are always on the go. That’s the reason baby jogger city tour has different seating options and various useful features. It’s like a complete package!
  • LUX doesn’t only offers plenty of features and compactness, it is also affordable as well!
UPPAbaby VISTA 2018 Best UPPAbaby® VISTA Stroller
Reviewed by Lyla Morris
UPPAbaby VISTA 20181

UPPAbaby Baby Pram

Best UPPAbaby® VISTA Stroller

The UPPAbaby Vista brilliantly designed for the growing family! The Vista can sit up to 3 children and the seat can be forward using, parent facing or reclined. It’s like the king of all strollers! The bassinet comes with sunshade which can protect your child from UV rays. You can even attach an infant car seat with the Vista! The Vista also comes with a bunch of features like an extra-large storage basket which can store a diaper bag, toys, and whatever you take along the ride!

The front wheel of the stroller absorbs all the shock to ensure your child with a smooth and comfortable ride. It also features one-step folding which is not only super easy, but intuitive and comes with premium quality materials like leather wrapped handlebar and weather resistant hood! You can choose from a bunch of colors available!

Reasons you will Love Vista:

  • The Vista is the best option for your growing family as it sits up to 3 children and is also cost-effective compared to others!
  • Vista is an all-in-one option for the parents and comes in a bunch of features and is made from premium quality materials!
  • Vista is also easy to maneuver despite carrying three children on board and comes with the biggest storage basket on the market!
Bugaboo Donkey2 Best Bugaboo Donkey2 Stoller
Reviewed by Lyla Morris

Bugaboo Donkey2 Baby Pram

Best Bugaboo Donkey2 Stoller

The Donkey2 from Bugaboo is the multi-purpose stroller which is more functional, more convenient for parents to use! The stroller is convertible and as the name suggests, comes with the most storage spaces and it can even transform into a double stroller for your twin baby!

The Donkey2 all-wheel suspension and the wheels are filled with foam for a smooth and comfy ride for the babies. It also comes with a side basket which offers more space for items like phone, keys or wallet and comes with a cover to protect your essentials. The Donkey2 comes in 3 colors and the side luggage basket and the sun canopy are available in 11 color options.

The Donkey2 is easy to navigate even when it is fully loaded! You can choose between mono, duo or twin configurations. While mono is perfect for the parent with one child, the duo version is used for children of different ages and the twin version is for twin children. However, duo and twin versions can be used with a bassinet or infant car seat!

Reasons you will love this baby pram:

  • Best choice for the parents who are planning to have multiple children or looking for an all-in-one convertible baby stroller.
  • The Donkey2 is made from high-end materials which will serve you for years.
  • It consists of an adjustable handlebar for different heights and foam wheels for a smooth and comfortable ride.
Nuna Demi Grow Best Nuna Demi Grow Baby Pram
Reviewed by Lyla Morris
Nuna Demi Grow strollers

Nuna Demi Grow Baby Stroller

Best Nuna Demi Grow Baby Pram

As the growing market demands, every stroller is upgrading to offer multiple sitting options! Demi Grow is also the winner of Reddot awards 2019. Nuna Demi Grow offers 23 different seating configuration with an all-season seat that can change into bassinet or infant car seat!

Demi Grow is the best for all weather conditions. You can reverse the seat, so the baby rides facing you or the world! The Demi Grow has a leather look handlebar and bumper bar which can snap out easily. It also features a small mesh window to provide air flow to your child. The basket underneath the seat can be removed or could be taken for shopping!

Moreover, the stroller comes with foam-filled tires which can handle almost every type of terrain and it also comes with the custom dual suspension to ensure a smooth and comfy ride!

Reasons you will love this baby pram

  • It is the only baby stroller which offers 23 types of seating configurations and can be a one-time investment for you!
  • The Demi Grow baby pram comes with form filled wheels which can handle almost any terrain making it great for the city as well as off-road strolling.

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